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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Diplomacy ahead


After months of retreat in California, the Sussexes have taken the Big Apple by storm. A media return for Meghan Markle and Harry that could testify to a new score played with the royal family. And why not

“The other royal family”. Just a few months ago, this title of the American press would have made Buckingham choke. But diplomacy, both geopolitical and family, now bridles the men in gray of Elizabeth II. Thursday, September 23, Meghan Markle and Harry therefore interrupted their six-month parental leave, although announced at the birth of their daughter Lilibet Diana, last June, to impose themselves as a “power couple” in New York. They visited the 9/11 Memorial on the site of the former Twin Towers, discussed mental health and racial equity with the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and participated in the Global Citizen Live concert in favor of vaccination against Covid-19 in emerging countries…

Ten days after being featured on the cover of Time magazine celebrating the 100 most influential people on the planet, the Sussexes were keen to deny the rumor that they had paid the magazine to be so honored. Their philanthropic Archewell Foundation is still in its infancy. The Duke and Duchess’ contracts with Spotify, Netflix or more recently Google, which has just partnered with Harry to promote more eco-friendly tourism, mostly benefit the California-based couple for now. But, coached by the American firm Sunshine Sachs, the “rebels of the Crown” are again invading the media space as fighters against all injustices.

In a private jet…

We’ll turn a blind eye to their trip on a private jet to the Big Apple, their travels in polluting vehicles and their surveillance by a security service paid for by New York taxpayers, their nights and drinks with friends at the Carlyle Hotel, renowned for its five stars, or the wardrobe and finery costing thousands of euros worn by Meghan. At a time of rapprochement between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, a member of the Commonwealth, the Sussexes have a score to play. As much as the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose trip to New York at the same time will have less moved the American housewife.

Elizabeth II is aware of the popularity of her grandson and his wife in Uncle Sam’s country. The couple’s Californian exile ensures, in fine, a presence of the royal family on the lands of a political and economic ally that has become unavoidable with the Brexit. His Majesty, whose seventy years of reign will be celebrated with great pomp in 2022, knows how much it is also necessary to spare Harry, who has announced the publication of intimate memoirs in this same year of Platinum Jubilee.

Despite the countless grenades pulled in front of Oprah Winfrey’s cameras last March, Charles’ youngest son was allowed to speak in a documentary paying tribute to his grandfather, Prince Philip, recently broadcast on the BBC. The duke is also pushing for a reunion with his grandmother, who is currently finishing her summer vacation at Balmoral with her son Andrew, who is in the crosshairs of the U.S. justice system for sexual assault. Elizabeth II has not closed the door to a baptism of the little Lilibet Diana in Windsor, the last whim of a Harry deprived of his title of royal highness but still using his title of duke. She also does not exclude hosting the Sussexes, their son Archie, whom she has not seen for over a year, and Lilibet, whom she has never met, at Christmas. Despite the warnings of her staff and the reluctance of William. Maybe there is only one royal family, after all.

Photo credits: Zuma Press/Bestimage

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  1. Why does Meghan Markle have such an impact on people lives specially the U.K. ? Is it because Harry chose a mix race woman for wife instead of a British one ? After all ,there have been a few interviews ,His Dad ,mum ,uncle Andrew ,specially Andrew ,his interview is full of Denial and lies ,but almost every one says ,innocent till proven guilty ,no one is jumping up and down on his lies ,there are on fire because Harry dared to confront the ( firm ) support his wife and specially the awful treatment his mum received at the hands of the Royal family ,and how they did not support him on his choice of partner ,their interview together was similar to his late mum ,along the lines of uncaring ,cold hearted people when she was unwell with Bulimia and post Natal depression ,so sad how things have turned out to be ,his brother did not have that Hassle ,but since he dated his then girl friend and now wife ,they have trashed her from the beginning ,now they want want blood after their interview ,I have never seen such hatred towards one woman ,and I am retired

  2. I am so happy for Harry and Megan for their new job offer as Bankers .I know am not in their shoe could not even dream,but just worry alot about them love them so much even though I canot even hardly pay my bills I still worry about them .I just want them to prosper so much .Good luck guys prayer for you know what its like to be estrange dont wish that on no one
    good luck love loads


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