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Meghan Markle acclaimed: This news will make her feel good…


Meghan Markle was praised this July 18 for her kindness while she was at the United Nations General Assembly. She gave her water bottle to a woman who was coughing behind her.

A new biography called Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, written by former BBC journalist Tom Bower, makes revelations about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, controversial members of the English royal family. Invited to the program Good Morning Britain, the author explained that he “managed to convince about 80 people [who admitted to disliking Meghan Markle]” to testify and give him information about the couple. Many revelations were made in the book.

If for now, Prince Harry and the former actress have not reacted, they were present in mid-July at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where the Duke gave a speech in honor of Nelson Mandela. The couple had many special moments during the event, but for fans of the royal family, a simple act of kindness from Meghan Markle remains the moment they remember.

Meghan Markle attentive to others

In a video shared on social media, the Sussexes are seen sitting in bleachers listening to a speech when a woman starts coughing in the row behind them. Without hesitation, Meghan Markle approaches her and offers her a bottle of water. Many internet users praised the behavior of Archie and Lilibet’s mom. “Offering her bottle of water to another woman with a cough says more about the Duchess’ character than any of the loaded books written about her,” “The people’s Duchess. Always so aware of the needs of others” and another even called it an “act of human kindness”.

During his speech in honor of Nelson Mandela, Prince Harry confided his love of the African continent: “Ever since my first visit to Africa at the age of 13, I have always found hope on this continent. In fact, for most of my life, it has been my lifeline, a place where I have found peace and healing time and time again,” he recounted, before adding in an even more personal touch: “It was there that I felt closest to my mother and sought comfort after her death, and there that I knew I had found, with my wife, my soul mate.”

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