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Meghan and Prince Harry: These “disgusting and very serious” threats they had to face


Tuesday, November 29, Neil Basu – a former senior English police officer – shared with Channel 4 several confidences about his career. According to his revelations, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have regularly been the targets of numerous threats.

Being part of the royal family is sometimes not easy. For proof, like most celebrities, members of the Firm are sometimes also targets of numerous attacks. Criticism that can sometimes take the form of real threats … As proof, during an interview granted to Channel 4, Tuesday, November 29, Neil Basu (a former head of the English Metropolitan Police) remembered those received by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry when they were still living in the UK.

Threats that, according to Neil Basu’s words to journalist Cathy Newman, were not only “repulsive and very serious” but could also prove to be very worrying about the couple’s lives. “If you saw the things that were written and you received them… the kind of rhetoric that is online, if you don’t know what I know, you would feel threatened all the time,” he then said. Clarifying, at the same time, that several teams of English gendarmes have regularly investigated the authors of his mails. “People have been prosecuted for these threats,” he assured.


Prince Harry: threatened with death after his wedding

In December 2018, an investigation by the BBC had highlighted the numerous threats made by a British neo-Nazi group (the Sonnenkrieg Division, ed.) to Prince Harry. As a reminder, the latter had called for the death of the Duke of Sussex for marrying Meghan Markle. The cause? Because his wife is mixed race and she would not be the same world as him.

On social networks, the group had notably published a photo of Prince Harry against a swastika, a gun pointed at his temple. “See you later, race traitor,” could be read on this famous photo. Threats that had been taken very seriously by the royal family because at that time, Meghan Markle was pregnant with young Archie.

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